Going for the Golden Spurtle

What is the Golden Spurtle Porridge Competition?

And have you ever wondered why Bob’s Red Mill calls itself the “best oatmeal in the world?”

October is an international month of porridge festivities. It’s fall. Depending on where you live the weather may be drizzly and/or chilly, and porridge is a very appealing breakfast. With October come two very important holidays on the porridge calendar!

October 6…

On October 6th, the Scottish Highlands village of Carrbridge and Hamlyn’s Scottish Oats will be hosting the 24th annual world porridge making competition. For those of you who aren’t able to make the pilgrimage this time around, here is an account of the competition from our travel correspondents.

world porridge making competition

hamlyns scottish oats porridge competition

Porridge pdf 3Porridge pdf 4

October 10 is World Porridge Day!

The day was so declared by a UK charity called Mary’s Meals, who raise money for school feeding programs in Liberia and Malawi, where meals mainly subsist of cornmeal porridge called likuni phala. This year, Mary’s Meals is raising money through a campaign called Porridge Smiles. Plan your porridge parties, and on October 10, take a picture of your porridge with a cute smiley face on it, then upload it to social media with the hashtag #porridgesmiles. Check back here for more World Porridge Day festivities on October 10, and for more about Mary’s Meals & their relationship to the Golden Spurtle championship, click here and here.


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