World Porridge Day 2017

Today is World Porridge Day! The holiday was started by a charity based out of Scotland, called Mary’s Meals, whose campaign you can find here.

Mary’s Meals does admirable work feeding hungry kids around the world. For too many children, a school lunch is the only guaranteed good meal of their day. Mary’s Meals promotes sustainable aid; their lunches focus on cheap local ingredients and are prepared by community volunteers (usually dedicated mothers).

This year, Mary’s Meals has launched a campaign to raise money for two of the poorest countries most in need of food right now – Libya and Malawi. The charity feeds an astounding 30% of primary school aged children around the country a daily mug of soya and vitamin-fortified corn porridge.

Corn porridge is not only eaten in Malawi, but all over Africa and the rest of the world! To celebrate October 10 – World Porridge Day – we have written a recipe for a sweet corn porridge that is made with very simple ingredients, but can be eaten in a lot of ways. Check it out below, and remember to upload any photos of what you make with the hashtag #porridgesmiles to show your support for Mary’s Meals. Food is joy – it gives you energy to learn and play, and the biological security that you’ll live to see another day. Donate to Mary’s Meals here to bring a smile to the faces of the children in the corn porridge community too. Happy World Porridge Day!

world porridge day recipe graphic

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